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Kenda Capital appreciates your interest and looks forward to receiving your business proposal. We would like to stress that the information to be submitted by you will be considered Non-Confidential in nature. We therefore suggest you submit an Executive Summary and any other information you consider necessary for helping us understand the uniqueness of your value proposition.

Prior to contacting Kenda Capital, please understand that we are primarily interested in special situation oil and gas investment prospects and "step change" technology that produces a significant increase in performance within the upstream energy businesses.

Your upstream assets or prospects should represent a material resource base that faces special challenges in its maturation or that are hamstrung due to lack of attention or special challenges hindering their proper exploitation or financing by mainstream operators or investors.

Your upstream technology should have already passed the proof of concept stage anddemonstrate a high degree of innovation and technological differentiation and promise benefits directly to the operator.

Submit your business plan to: info@kendacapital.com