Kenda Capital is the independently owned manager of the Shell Technology Ventures Fund 1 B.V. (the Fund). Kenda Capital and the Fund maintain a unique technology relationship with Shell. Major investors in the Fund are Shell, Coller Capital and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. The Fund also has proprietary access to oil and gas field operations and wells in order to test, prove and demonstrate combinations of new technologies.

The Fund is a unique, large scale investment fund focused at reducing the cost of energy by accelerating the development and deployment of new technologies. Kenda and the Fund possess a solid energy sector expertise, fostered through a unique technology relationship with the Shell Group. 

The Fund's primary focus is on the upstream oil and gas sector, but also selectively invests in downstream O&G, renewable energy and by-product recycling technologies. Areas of interest include: oil and gas exploration, sub surface visualisation, well construction and automation, automated production operations, processing facilities and infrastructure, CO2 and sulphur disposal, biofuel, renewable energy technologies and water and fluid treatment.

We wish to make contact and work with entrepreneurs that have developed "step change" technologies, which enable a new approach to the challenges of the energy sector.